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How could a virus get into the nasal cavity

The nose is the entrance door of the air in our body and intervenes in an essential event for survival: breathing.Since breathing is vital, Mother Nature has provided us with an emergency channel that intervenes in the event of a blockage of the nose: oral respiration. If it were not pos... Read More


What is the meaning of sphenoid sinus mucosal thickening?

The best laymen's term would probably be “stuffiness”. All of the sinuses (look in an illustrated anatomy book) are lined with mucous membranes just like what is in your nose. Thickening is usually due to allergies, irritants like smoke or dust, or infections from bacteria or viruses. It may be... Read More

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Can you get tinnitus from vamping?

Tinnitus is one of the possible side effects of PG consumption — not everyone gets it, but some do. If you’re getting tinnitus and you’re vamping, then you need to use less PG. If you buy commercial juice, you’re already getting a very high level of VG compared to PG, so you may have to start ma... Read More

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